2022 Agenda
Technology Innovation · Powering the Future

2022.6.23 Top Voice
The bio-pharmaceutical industry faces different multiple challenges and obstacles.Raising science and technology innovation ability from multiple challenges.Find the road from R&D to Commercialization.The summit will study the global innovation case encompassing innovation systems,solutions, equipment,and industrial policies in order to promote industrial upgrading.
Cell & Gene Therapy Innovation Forum
Accelerating Cell and Gene Therapy Industrialization in China.The Significance, Prospect, Risk Control of Fully Automated GART Cell Manufacturing..Manufacturer and GMP.Strategies and Advances in Gene Therapy Process Development. CMO&GCT CDMO.Technical Transfer.
Human Vaccine, mRNA Vaccine Innovation Forum
The event includes Q&As with the experts, plenty of networking opportunities.Meet peers and industry experts to discuss and explore: mRNA vaccines development and industrialization;Global R&D progress of COVID-2019 Vaccines; The Application Prospects of Automation 5G,Al, and Robots in th Industry;How was the COVID-19 vaccine developed so quickly? Chinese companies are at the forefront of global efforts to create a vaccine for the coronavirus, now China’s vaccines are going global — but questions remain.
VBIO Road Show
We will invite leaders and guests from innovative bio-pharmaceutical enterprises, venture capital enterprises, first-line investment institutions, Park leaders and guests, leaders of Technology Transformation Centers and outstanding entrepreneurs from various biopharmaceutical industries. Will share problems and solutions from the idea to the product. At the same time, the company will set up a roadshow audit expert composed of investors from a number of major investment companies in the industry. They will make professional questions, reviews and suggestions on the projects of the companies participating in the roadshow and vote for the best top three projects.